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*Scientific Motivation:*

To fulfill the Information Society challaenge we need to understand how global information fabrics like the Web actually work and interact with society: the Web is one of the largest artefacts created by mankind, and represents a uniquely relevant information space for the quantity, diversity and importance of information it makes readily available. The Web is an unparalleled reflection of reality, and provides a rich environment for carrying out experiments in the sciences and humanities. The sheer size of the web, however, together with the inner complexity of its technical details makes it very difficult for scientists to access such massive amounts of information conveniently and consistently.

We believe that it is now finally possible to build a scientific infrastructure that will overcome said problems thus providing a fundamental leap in research possibilities in dozen of academic disciplines. 

It is now possible to create a Web Science data centre that will be capable of executing algorithms on more than 300 Terabytes in a way dramatically more efficient than it would have been before.

*Draft Plan*